The Business is located on the N14 between the towns of Lifford and Raphoe in the County of Donegal part of the North West Region of Ireland. The Tully Tyres business today has the original location but a lot has changed from the diminutive business Vincent Tully Senior started in the late 1960’s. Hailing Originally from County Galway Vincent senior moved to Donegal in 1960.

There with a young family and wife to look after he started building trailers and progressed into the selling of tyres through the sourcing of tyres for his trailer business. He quickly realised the need to sell tyres throughout Ireland and that is when the first two of his four son’s Paul and Martin joined him. They became distributors – selling truck, van and passenger car tyres to small and large outlets the length and breadth of Ireland. Later younger brothers Vincent and Michael joined their father and older brothers and finally sister Margheurite joined the team. So Tully Tyres really is a family business at heart.


The Tully Family Crest

The general “Tully” Heraldry Crest motto is: “Vis Unita Fortior” which translates to – “United Strength is Stronger” and the “Tully of Galway” coat of arms states “Fortiter et Fideliter” which translates to “boldly and faithfully”. Although the Tully family Crest was created centuries ago by Tully Clans of old we still feel the sense of relevance to our family business in the 21st Century. We know that together as a team we are indeed stronger and we look forward to the future with continued expansion and growth. Tully Tyres still exists today over forty years on because by nature it was bold and faithful. It continues to provide it loyal customer base with quality of service and outstanding value for money.


Tully Tyres has many years of experience in the procurement and supply of new, part worn, remould and scrap tyres for import and export. We pride ourselves on the level of service we provide to a large and diverse customer base. We deal with large consolidated orders to single items. Each order, however large or small, gets the same level of care and attention. This has secured our reputation in a very competitive industry.

We provide the total package from sourcing competitively priced tyres to ultimately shipping them to the end user. We source from Europe and where quality can be assured, other areas of the World.

Tully Tyres Services

Tully Tyres import and export tens of thousands of tyres throughout the world on a weekly basis. We operate all over Europe and Asia to bring you the best in quality in part worn, remoulds and scrap tyres.

Tully Tyres are fully licensed to collect, store and recycle used tyres. We play a major part in the recycling of all types of Tyres in Ireland and we offer a quality service in the remould industry including all brands of tyres. We also supply Wholesale tyres of all descriptions from Commercial right through to Aircraft tyres.

For further details about our services please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Collection Service at Tully Tyres.

Tully Tyres will collect your unwanted tyres from anywhere in Ireland.

More and more large volume uses are emerging for end products made from the rubber, steel and textile derived from recycling tyres.


Tully Tyres now offer the service of vulcanisation. Some damage in Agricultural Tyres can be repaired through this process however not all tyres can be repaired this way. It depends on certain criteria – for more information click here.